Mapathon 21 begins on Thursday September 23rd at the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are equally long, and continues until Saturday 25th September: World Dream Day.

Results will be woven together, and exhibited online September 29th, which is World Heart Day.

23-25 September

Mapathon 21

This September many groups around the world will think about their desired futures & make maps showing how to get there

How to shape your futures with your own voice

How will your world look in 2025? How would you shape it?

Mapathon 21 is about people envisioning desired futures, and creating stories & maps that describe them.

Groups from all over the world will think about the futures they really want.

We will weave these results together, and exhibit them online.

And bring them to the attention of people making decisions about the future of the world.

Inspire us with your stories!

What if we could map desired futures together?

People are often disheartened by the negative prognosis of many recent attempts to anticipate the future. Dark and frightening predictions are a wake-up call, but they can also scare people into apathy.

This Marathon invites you to think in a positive way about the world you would like to live in – in 2025, beyond Covid-19 – and about the steps needed to get there.

Positive images build inner strength, focus the imagination, and can move us to action. Positive maps help us navigate the future.

How it works?​


Send us the join-form, and you become part of the global Positive Cartography community. Anything you want to know before joining? Ask us, and we will respond quickly. Use the link to join form

Create a group

Groups can be colleagues in an organization, association or club, students at school, neighbors, a group of friends. OR: join an online group with people who may know each other before they start.

Make a plan

Make a plan for the Mapathon. Decide how the group will participate in the Mapathon? At face to face meetings or online work sessions? In one long session lasting several hours, or several one or two hours sessions? At what time and on which days will you work?

Imagine your desired future

‘What does the world look like in 2025 - beyond Covid-19’?
Think about the question: How do you want the world to look in 2025? Describe it in words, and with pictures. What makes that world different from the world today? Why do you want it like that? How is it a positive future?

Tell a story, draw a map

Meet with your group (face-to-face, or online). Now it's time to tell each other about the desired futures you want, in pictures and words. Does the group have one story, or many stories? What do they have in common? What has to happen in order to get there? Make a road-map for the journey.

How will you get there?

Because this is a positive future - your desired future - what steps will YOU take to get there? What are the concrete actions (small ar large) the group and its members can take? What steps will you take? Upload your map to the Positive Cartography website.

From desire to action, from action to reality

After the Mapathon. Time to relax. . .or not? Think about the first steps towards your desired futures? The road-map is already there.

Additional information will be posted here regularly. We are working on a guidelines for Mapathon 21 which we’ll send to everyone who joins.

The Big Question

‘What does the world look like in 2025, beyond Covid-19?'

The ‘world beyond Covid’ will be many things. The things we have learned about making vaccines, and taking fast and positive action. Different health practices and better cooperation between organizations.

And there are many questions: What to do about Climate? And the ‘inner climate,’ the mindsets driving how decisions get made? Questions about education, the economy, and the environment.

‘What does the world look like in 2025?’ is clearly a Big Question.

During this global Mapathon we invite you to use visual storytelling, collective imagination and personal conviction to explore answers to ‘powerful’ questions like:

  • What is the future you are preparing for beyond COVID 19?
  • What is the future you are ready to invest in beyond COVID 19? 
  • Where will you take the future?

First Experiences

A gallery of interesting Positive Maps

Introductory paragraph

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