“It takes a village. . .scientists, philosophers and artists are welcome”

Create free zones to explore and discover what 'purpose' is - labs for playing with new ideas, safe places, limited in size, and when successful create a ripple effect to other places.

Imagine we all come from the same village (community) – how would this village / community look? How would it act?

We should be weaving together the good and unhappy together, nature and human nature, the beautiful and the less beautiful = not everything in our environment (or our life) is happy and beautiful = we accept what it is and work with it – this makes us more positive.

Human and nature are not different. Art can make people conscious of this. Art can inspire us, and people here make art together. Artists, scientists, philosophers are role models, an important part of education here.

We have a concept of ‘positive health’ & positive lifestyles = preventing illness is as important as treating it.

A systemic view of the world is important in everything we do. Everything we do here is ‘just’ and sustainable. It’s a new business model for communities.

Everyone is doing something ‘bigger’ then themselves – helping to make the village a better, happier, more sustainable place. We understand that we also ‘work’ for the future: our children, their children, the next generations

In this way (as in Florence, centuries ago) a renaissance is born.

We practical idealists, weaving our capacities together, including the many difference among the people who live here. We are trying to transform this urban village into a ‘great’ city, where people weave knowledge to create value.

It’s the “we” of Weaving!