A story about “6G Communication & The Power of Many”

Create free zones to explore and discover what 'purpose' is - labs for playing with new ideas, safe places, limited in size, and when successful create a ripple effect to other places.

We are actively creating dialogues about Essential topics for humanity, so people can understand and accept difference in perspectives – and become engaged.

People are more active working for the benefit of society than they are now.
The more hands people have, the more they can do to benefit society. Many Eyes, many ears, all our senses contribute to understanding.

We are building cross cultural understanding of what symbols and icons mean in different cultures, and how our senses work in different parts of the world.

An emerging Global Language helps people communicate more clearly about what they are doing, and what needs to be done. This could be a Visual Language. An example in the 17 SDG icons; this could be the basis of building whole new sets of icons and emoji’s.

We all know already what needs to be done, but the bridge seems to be missing – so we have added the missing pieces so people can move to action.

It could lead to shared understand all over the world. Leadership Dialogues, including dialogue with children (the leaders of tomorrow’s world). Many WE THE PEOPLE conferences around the world.

People will have many eyes to see many things in the world, and also many hands to do the things that need to be done.