A story about Regenerative Culture, Free Zones & Future-centered Society

Create free zones to explore and discover what 'purpose' is - labs for playing with new ideas, safe places, limited in size, and when successful create a ripple effect to other places.

Add ‘practice’ of deep purpose, at all stages of life and levels of consciousness.

Experiment on practical parts of life, with concrete activities, balancing work and life (‘love’).

Use methodologies – e.g. Gaia training method approved by UNESCO – for learning empathic relationships with each other and the planet.

  • Create maps for regeneration, with 4 dimensions.
  • Networking among ‘positive islands’
  • Networks of Ambassadors for orchestrating learning among the islands.

The vision of connecting many autonomous movements and networks of change makers on one ‘digital’ location – put them in a Core MAP – weave the stories together, the networks together, the villages and towns together.